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Spicy Thai Basil Ground Turkey

This Spicy Thai Basil Ground Turkey will rival your favorite Thai food, but it’s homemade with healthy ingredients and ready in less time than a junk food order requires. Plus, it’s low in carbs, compatible with 30 whole grains, paleo and gluten-free.

Here’s a really easy Thai dish that you can prepare in under 20 minutes! The other night, we really wanted to pack food to go after an especially stressful day at work and decided to make a healthy choice: make some kind of fast food at home.

I was craving Thai so I was planning on making these Basil Beef Thai dishes, but soon realized I didn’t have any ground beef. Luckily, I had some ground turkey in the freezer and made this quick version of turkey instead. And it came out amazingly. The sauce is delicious and spicy and the Thai basil adds just the right amount of freshness to the dish. Everything ended with a little fresh lemon juice. I usually serve it over coconut cauliflower rice, and it’s delicious. You can also use lettuce, brown rice, or quinoa rolls.


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