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Pecan Pie Martini This is the delicious dessert drink that you will be curious about this season! The rich, creamy flavor of pecans and cinnamon come together to make a nice pecan pie that makes for the perfect party cocktail.

Halloween is over, which means this is my favorite holiday of the year: Thanksgiving and Christmas! Love this time of year – the perfect decorations, lots of Christmas joys, and delicious Christmas dishes and drinks. With all the changes and challenges that 2020 brings to this year’s holiday celebrations, I am determined to spread joy and gratitude and find fun ways to celebrate all the great news we can bring this holiday season.

This Pecan Pie Martini is a great option for all the holiday fun this year! We made a ton for tonight when we pulled out the Christmas decorations. It was great to drink as we look back on vacations in the past and reflect on the new traditions and memories that we started this year.

Made with just a few simple ingredients, you’ll love to shake these drinks to serve your family. Whether it’s around the Thanksgiving table, decorating your Christmas tree, or just a snowy night, you must try this deliciously sweet drink!

One of my secret weapons for delicious and tasty drinks is Turanny Syrup! For those martinis, the shining star is Turani’s Nut Butter Syrup. Tastefully rich and juicy, the Nut Butter flavor epitomizes the flavors of creamy butter and toasted pecans for a deliciously sweet martini that will always earn a spot on your beverage menu. The Turani drink is a must for those who enjoy delicious drinks, coffee and mocha. They are made with real and simple ingredients (like sugar cane and natural flavors) to bring out the best in your drinks. While I love using Torani Butter Pecan for this martini, you will also find me adding a scoop to my coffee or hot chocolate for a delicious treat!

This martini recipe is made with base ingredients from the bar: turani syrup, vodka, rumchata, and a half-and-half drop. The flavors combine to create a delicious drink reminiscent of pecan pie. It is a must-try drink that is perfect for all occasions of your holiday!

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