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How to Create a School Lunch Packing Station

Simplify school lunch packing and teach your children how to pack their own balanced lunch with a lunch packing station!
Packing school lunches feels like an endless job. When you prepare the 50th small lunch of the year, all of these meals begin to blur, and the harvest of preparing your own lunch for children really feels remote.

School lunch box with vegetables and fruits on blue wooden table

But as children grow and mature, they can begin to assume part of the responsibility of packing their own lunch. Impressive because it gives them the opportunity to choose their own food (in a limited way, you still have to make a great decision!) And it also allows you to take a break from lunch to avoid exhaustion and advertisement. PBJ lunch until the end of time.

This is a tutorial to set up a lunch packing station in the kitchen, you can teach your children how to pack their school lunch!
How to make a lunch packing station
Step 1. Find a space
You don’t have to have a large space to create a well-organized and efficient lunch packing station. A small cabinet or part of a shelf in the warehouse works well. Some tips to provide a good space for your station:

Choose a shelf or space low enough for your child to access everything.
Free space for other kitchen or food items other than for lunch.
Assign a space for refrigerated items and a space for storing food.
If you don’t have additional shelf space, consider buying a small set of modular drawers or stackable shelves.
Step 2. Select the container
Generally, it is better to take the food out of the packaging and put it in a trash can to keep everything organized and easy for children to see. These are our favorite containers:

Storage box
Transparent food container
Clean the refrigerator container
Of course, this is the most important part! Choose foods from each food category so you can teach your children the importance of a balanced lunch. Here is a list of foods that we want to encourage at the station for children to choose. (You can also see our Instagram story here: (Costco Haul highlights)

Stored food
Integral Cookies
Fruit peel
Dried meat
Oatmeal sticks (homemade or store bought, low in sugar)
Apple puree cup
Nuts or seeds
Footprint mix
Chilled food
Cheese stick
Yogurt cup

Baby carrot
Cherry tomatoes
Fully cooked eggs
Step 4: organize and tag
After choosing and storing your space, keep it organized so your child knows where to find everything he needs. When labeling, keep the amount of items you choose in each container to simplify it. We like to have some different containers. Tags like this:

Pantry container: label “Option 2”.
Trash can from the refrigerator:
Fruit and vegetable containers: “Choice 2” label
Dairy box: “Option 1” label
Step 5: Teach the child
It’s time for some guidance! Hopefully, your child will be passionate about obtaining this privilege and responsibility. So make sure you stay optimistic and excited about your transition.

When you discuss the new system with your children for the first time, explain where to find everything they need and model how to pack lunch. You can do it only once or with them in the first week until you think they have it.

Then it’s time to step back and let them give the palm of your hand! You must resupply the station frequently (ask them if they run out).

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