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Save the rest of the turkey body and enjoy the last pieces of Thanksgiving with this delicious turkey body soup. With plenty of cereals, beans and vegetables, this turkey soup is the perfect meal for the whole family after Thanksgiving!

How was the title? Seeing the word “body” in your recipe may not be the most appetizing, but I swear this turkey soup is delicious and is the best choice for the remaining Thanksgiving turkey. . Speaking of Thanksgiving, you may have recently noticed that there are many Thanksgiving leftovers, for good reason! American Thanksgiving is imminent, so I know the menu preparations are on the rise, but you may not know that I am really obsessed with Thanksgiving.

Now I want to add that I am absolutely Canadian (to be fair, I also have US citizenship) and first I must make sure that I am Canadian. For American Thanksgiving, this makes me a little strange (the fact that I call it American Thanksgiving is definitely a sign), and especially obsesses me with the growing tradition. For the record, I feel the same for Christmas #JewwholovesChristmas. I think the whole country is closed and gathered, which is really interesting and special. It’s not that Canadians don’t have this … it’s just that Canadians really don’t know if you should celebrate Sunday or Monday, and not everyone celebrates like Americans.

That’s why you see so many Thanksgiving recipes here … I’m working to extend the celebration! Yes, this means expanding it without leaving waste after completion. Therefore, do not leave the turkey body, but throw it in the pot to make this delicious turkey body soup!

Why cook turkey? Body?
Alright, let’s talk about saving the body of your Turkey car. You want to reuse it for two reasons:

There is still a lot of meat in these bones! Do not waste it.
Turkey bones are a delicious and nutritious bone soup with incredible benefits, including collagen and immunostimulatory properties. Your grandmother is eating something with chicken soup <the same goes for turkey!
Of course, you can wash the turkey clean, but I discovered that cooking it in a soup helps release some of the meat that adheres to the bones. Also, the turkey car soup is so delicious!

How to make Turkish body soup
This turkey soup requires two main steps, otherwise it is super easy. The first step is to cook the body of the turkey in water to release the meat from the bones and inject all the benefits of the turkey into water to make a delicious turkey bone soup. Of course, you can stop here or continue with the second step, adding vegetables, cereals and beans to an abundant meal. Here is the complete list of ingredients:

Turkey body (any size is fine!)
Water for broth
Apple cider vinegar (this helps the bones release collagen in the original juice)
Cereals (I like farro, barley or wild rice): abundant cereals work best, otherwise they become too soft.
Beans (optional, but white or lima beans taste better!)
Spices: I like sage and chicken seasoning, but here you can play and make your own turkey soup
* For complete instructions, scroll down to the recipe.

I want to answer some questions that I know will be combined with this turkey soup:

Can you freeze the body of your turkey car?
Yes. If you don’t have time after Thanksgiving (or any other time a turkey is needed!), You can put the body of the turkey in a bag and tie it before putting it in the refrigerator. You can freeze turkey carcasses for up to 6 months. When you are ready to make a turkey soup, simply place the frozen turkey body directly in the pot. Defrosting is not necessary!

Can you make this turkey car soup in an instant pot?
Yes, I tried this recipe on the stove and in Instant Pot. The only problem with instant pots is space, but if you cook smaller turkey this year, you can definitely make this recipe in an instant pot. Here are the instructions:

Place the body of the turkey car in the instant pot and add water until it is completely covered. Set the instant pot in the soup setting and set the time to 25 minutes. Release slowly for approximately 20 minutes, then release the remaining time quickly. Remove the body and tension, then cool the bone turkey.

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