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These creamy vegan egg salad sandwiches look and taste like real deals, and if you put them on the table without saying a word, nobody will notice …

These vegan egg salad sandwiches with cream look and taste great, and if you put them on the table without saying a word, nobody will notice …
Egg Falafel They are classics at the party, right? I mean, who doesn’t like egg salad sandwiches? Unfortunately, for our vegans, they are something else that is completely off limits. But vegetarians are happy, there are actually more options than vegans! The taste and appearance of this tofu are very real, almost frightening. Actually, I took those people to a party last week and they had great success!

Now, I like creamy egg salad with noodles, especially when I prepare party sandwiches, it is better preserved! – But if you want a little less cream in the egg salad and more pieces, then you can use the proportion of butter tofu to crushed tofu completely. Process approximately half of the tofu and leave the other half in pieces, for example, you can make 1/3 of cream and 2/3. Play until you find your best balance.

Cut the tofu into thin strips
First, dry the pieces of tofu with a paper towel or a clean towel. It is not necessary to really press the tofu or anything else; Just tap and dry to remove excess water and voila.

I found that medium-hard tofu is the most suitable for this project, but if you have already done so, hard tofu can also solve the problem. However, avoid using tofu too hard, because tofu is too fragile and does not turn into a creamy paste.

After drying the tofu, cut the pieces into thin strips …

Cut the tofu into small pieces.
Then, cut those long, thin strips into several small irregular pieces.

Place approximately half of the chopped tofu in a medium bowl and the rest with the chickpeas in a small bowl with food processor. You can use cooked or canned chickpeas without any difference. However, if you have to open a jar of chickpeas to make a batch of vegan mayonnaise, you could also take something from there.

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Top view of the necessary ingredients to make an egg salad.
In a separate bowl, mix vegan mayonnaise, yellow mustard, olive brine, Kala Namak, black pepper, smoked paprika and turmeric.

About that Caranamac; if you are not familiar with it, it is Himalayan rock salt, often called black salt (although in reality it is pink …), it has a very strong flavor similar to sulfur, almost as cooked Like eggs Then, if you want to your vegan egg salad tastes like a real dish, then you must use absolutely, black salt in this recipe.

Also keep in mind that Kala Namak is not as salty as common table salt, so if you use common table salt, you should adjust the amount to your liking.

Pour half of the seasoning and tofu and chopped chickpeas into the food processor.
Stir the seasonings until all the ingredients are completely mixed and become good and smooth, then pour about half of the food into the food processor, then tofu and chopped chickpeas.

Until it’s smooth
Process for approximately 30 seconds to one minute until the mixture becomes really smooth and creamy,

Pour the cream mixture, the remaining seasoning and chopped tofu into a bowl.
Then, add this creamy tofu mixture to the bowl and then place the chopped tofu in the bowl. Also, add the rest of the seasonings, as well as the chopped olives and fresh chives.

Stir gently until well mixed
Use a spoon or rubber spatula to mix gently until all the ingredients are completely mixed.

Sprinkle egg salad on 4 slices of bread
Very well … I’m sure everyone knows how to make sandwiches, but to complete our project, let’s move on. Hello, we are making party sandwiches, not just egg salads!

After preparing the egg salad, place 4 slices of bread on the work surface and distribute the egg salad evenly. Spread the egg salad evenly to the brim …

Garnish with chopped chives and place a second slice of bread on top
If desired, add a pinch of green vegetables or chopped chives to the egg salad and cover with another slice of bread.

These vegan egg salad sandwiches with cream look and taste great, and if you put them on the table without saying a word, nobody will notice …
Now cut each sandwich into 4 triangles and place them well on a plate or tray.

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