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Creamy Potato Soup Recipe with Cheese

The best healthy and comforting food! This creamy and cheesy potato soup recipe, with some key fresh vegetables, is rich in flavor, decadent and simple and healthy.

Children who are not interested in soup sometimes do their best to make potato soup. Can you blame them? The delicious creamy texture of carbohydrate-rich potatoes, cheesy texture and rapid energy replenishment will never go out of style.

We especially like this potato soup because it is stuffed with vegetables (don’t worry, some vegetable purees are thin. Demanding people won’t win). It is a mixture of whole milk, butter and cheddar cheese. Then, anyone who tries will say, “Oh, it’s fine.”

This recipe has been the staple of the family of super healthy children for years. No one is like us!

Try this healthy and delicious cheese and potato soup recipe and make it your family’s favorite.
What is the potato soup?
Potato soup can taste like a big bowl full of soul. But in reality, you need some real ingredients to stir in the kitchen. It is simple! This is necessary to make this soup:
Dairy products with cream: butter, cheese and milk.

Vegetarian soup, made in soup. If you wish, you can put the chicken broth in the pot.

Flour to thicken the soup. All-purpose flour or white whole wheat flour is fine.

Spices to improve the taste: pepper and onion powder.

Optional ingredients: bacon slices, shallot segments, sour cream, Greek yogurt or fresh parsley.

What potato should you use?
We like Russet potatoes (large brown potatoes) for potato soup because their starch consistency helps them combine well with cheese and cream.
You and your child would also like to dip whole wheat crusty bread in your potato soup. Of course, bread with potato soup is a carbohydrate party. But keep in mind that carbohydrates are important for providing energy to children. And whole grains (bread) and whole vegetable foods (potatoes) are your smartest options.

Is this potato soup recipe good for you?
Yes. When preparing potato soup from scratch, you will consciously choose the ingredients and then add nutritious vegetables to the soup.

This soup is a mixture of carrots, shallots and mushrooms to provide additional vitamins and minerals (not to mention the taste and texture).

We use whole milk and plain cheese in the soup to maintain the balance of flavor and fat without creating a thick cream.

Can you freeze potato soup?
Potato soup is not suitable for freezing because the texture can become very granular. This is a freshly prepared and eaten food!

That said, there are steps you can take to prepare this potato soup recipe in advance. The biggest time saver is peeling and chopping potatoes in advance. Store them in a container with water in the refrigerator to maintain their color. You can do this up to one day in advance.

You can also make the whole soup in two days when you plan to provide it. Although we do not recommend freezing, the soup can be reheated from the refrigerator

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