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Brownie Batter Chocolate Hummus

Chocolate hummus is surprisingly delicious and no one will guess it is made with beans! It’s a favorite in our house with black bean hummus.

Chocolate and chickpeas! Before you immediately call me crazy, try it because it’s a good and healthy choice for desserts and snacks. The kids are crazy about it and it’s really good for you.

Although I like to take credit for this nifty idea, the first time I saw it was on Shark Tank and I’ve seen all sorts of recipes for hummus with dessert since then. Like most people, I was skeptical, but I finally relented and tried it after a friend told me her kids were obsessed with her and felt like she was winning in the mom department. I mean getting your kids to eat lots of fruits and chocolate hummus is a successful snack.

When I was looking for a recipe-inspired recipe, I started with some grocery store options, but found it packed with sugar, so I quickly searched the internet for inspiration for chocolate hummus. The staple recipe I’m sharing today is chickpeas, cocoa powder, sweeteners, and almond milk. The fun comes when you think of all the ways you can customize it. Think chocolate chips, tahini, coconut, nut butter, cinnamon, and more. I’ll be sharing all kinds of ideas below, so don’t miss it.

Also, if you use Weight Watchers, you have 0 SmartPoints on the new Freestyle plan if you do it with Stevia or without the calorie sweetener.

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